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 Size: W 6cm x L 9cm x H 6cm 


Lavender - is identical to freshly picked lavender flowers. This fragrance is bursting with floral aroma, this scent is just like walking through a lavender field in the heart of summer.


Black Opium - An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla – for sweetness and sensuality.


Poison Fairy

Lemon & Lavender


Poison - top notes of galbanum and tangerine are followed by freesia and orange at its heart. The drydown is warm and subtle containing sandalwood and vanilla. 


Patchouli - is an earthy aroma of true herbal patchouli.


Black Cherry - has a strong and vibrant scent identical to a tub of ripe cherry's. Retaining all the sweetness of Cherry while adding rum notes and deep red tartness.


Witches Brew - This potent and magical concoction is a beautiful blend of earthy, sweet and floral notes.


Fantasy - begins with top notes of tangy lemon and jasmine followed by middle notes of muguet lily, rose petals, African violet and day lily sitting on base notes of cedar wood, patchouli and musk.


Mahogany Teakwood - A timeless classic where woody notes set the mood, all centred on smooth cedarwood. Fruity notes of lemon and bergamot are cooled by ozonic nuances that lead to a mysterious duet of rosemary and pineapple. To close, grounding notes of cedarwood are joined by the warming aroma of deep amber.


Secret Wonderland - An amazing top note of luscious strawberry leads you to a fruity floral heart of frosted jasmine petals all resting on a sensual base of precious woods and amber.


Midnight Fantasy - Heart notes: Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid, Top notes: Red Lychee, Golden Quince, Kiwi; Base notes: Musk, Orris Root, Sensual Woods; Scent: Floral


White Musk - A sophisticated powdery musk fragrance opening with clean aldehyde and fresh ylang notes followed by a floral bloom of lily, jasmine and violet while sitting on a soft musk, benzoin and tonka cushion.


Never leave a burning candle unattended! Also ensure nothing flammable is nearby ( especially curtains ) Make sure the candle is completely extinguished at the end of each lighting.


Please contact me for other scents


CLP information:

Skull Candle Rose Crown

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